Online Marketing

We bring you customers through our META and google ads management services

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Online Marketing

We have narrowed down the steps we take when we start managing your ads to the following six elements.


We analyze your existing sales funnel and assess its merits. If we think any part of it could be improved, we make recommendations.


If you already tried running META or Google Ads, we audit your account, so that we can get a better understanding of your past performance.

Campaign Structuring

Based on our experience gained from running ads for multiple types of businesses, we decide on what campaign structure would best fit you and your goals.

Audience and Targeting

We run ads for broad audiences but also test the performance of custom audiences. We do this while constantly monitoring ROAS.


We also retarget members of your audience who have interacted with your business before but for some reason they did not convert.


We are constantly paying attention to various performance metrics and we switch off the ones not performing, and scale the ones that do.

An Illustrative example of our process of running mETA ads

Our Process

Step 1
Broad Campaign setup

We start by by setting up a campaign with a broad targeting option. This is especially true if you do not have an ads account history because we need to collect data about who interacts with your ads.

Step 2
Testing of Creative elements

When it comes to META marketing, we prefer to have multiple ad sets under the same campaign so that we can test various creative elements. These include: images, videos, ad copy, headline, CTA options, etc.

Step 3
Audience testing

The testing of different audiences is crucial for successful PPC marketing. That is why we put a heavy emphasis on constantly testing different targeting options. We also set up lookalike audiences that share similarities with members of your audience who successfully converted into your customers

Step 4

By retargeting your warm audiences we take advantage of a segment that has already interacted with your business before and we tend to see higher than average conversion rates here. This is why we like to run retargeting ads as well.

Step 5
Scaling and Optimizing

We scale the campaigns that perform the best and we switch off the ones that don't. At this stage we either offer you to take over and manage your ads for yourself or we offer to extend our contract and we keep managing your ads and looking for new ways to increase your sales figures.