Our Services

Custom WordPress websites, SEO, PPC Marketing, and more: Social Eclipse has you covered

We Go the extra mile

One-Stop Digital Agency

Tired of having to go to multiple agencies for taking care of all your needs? Fed up with all of them underdelivering? You’ve just stumbled upon the solution. We cut out the noise and focus on a service delivery that is purely aimed at meeting and then eclipsing your expectations. Your hard-earned resources won’t end up financing a swanky office, or a new top-of-the-line coffee machine. We put your money to work.

Website design and development

We create custom WordPress website designs and then build them for you. Whether you need a simple landing page, or a complete e-commerce website, we leave you with a smile on your face.

PPC Marketing

Having worked with clients in numerous industries, we know by now what marketing strategy will deliver you the best results. And we do this while maximizing our clients ROAS.


We use advanced tools to come up with the right on-page SEO strategy for your website. In the end, your page will be more professional and will rank better on search engines.

Logo and UX/UI design

We take a strategic approach to designing your logo and UX/UI. As a result, you will stand out from your competitors and your customers will have a better experience.

Backend support and Maintenance

Someone made you a WordPress website but you still have questions and problems? They overcharge for everything. Look no further, we will be the support behind you operation.

Copy Writing

Words have power. And we know how to leverage this power to your advantage. We understand your audience and format our copy in a way that speaks to them.

Rise to the top

Succeed with us

All of our services are geared toward increasing the likelihood of your success. The websites we create give you the tools to attract clients and truly separate you from the crowd.  Our SEO services makes sure your business will rank better on search engines. PPC marketing done by Social Eclipse will convert your audience into your customers, while maximizing the return on your ad spend.

We think of our clients as partners

Lean operation

We are not your average agency. We understand how hard you have worked for your money and if you choose to spend it with us, we make sure that you’ll be glad you did. Our lean structure means that we won’t be spending our client fees on Yoga subscriptions or overpriced standing desks. Instead, we will use it to drive results.

We have a solution

Our Team knows the answer

Our host of contractors allows us to find the  correct solution to your problem at a fast pace. By having the right resources and a capable team to make the changes needed, our service delivery is agile and to-the-point.


We are lean. We deliver results. And we consider each and every client of ours a partner. Our contractual agreement may come to an end after delivery, but you will always be able to come to us for assistance. 

Not necessarily. The answer depends on your exact business. There’s many factors you should consider when making the choice of which social media outlet to be on. These include: your target audience, the nature of your business, your content strategy, your competitors’ online presence, as well as industry trends. We are happy to help you come up with the right online strategy fitted to your business.

Good content definitely boosts your SEO score. But what is good content? Well, from an SEO perspective, it should have the following traits: Relevance, Keyword placement, Freshness, Readability, Responsive and Mobile-friendly design.

The time factor depends on a lot of specifics that we can only consider once we know more about you. However, we can make a promise before even getting it touch: we will deliver fast. 

The effectiveness of a well-geared online marketing campaign far eclipses the impact of print marketing. PPC marketing allows you to be in the driver’s seat with up-to-date, realtime data about the performance of your ads. This give you a tremendous amount of control over how you put your marketing resources to use.

No harm in trying. But we do believe that our experience derived from providing value in various forms to our partners gives us a head start and if you choose to work with us we will achieve better results together.

This depends on your specific needs but off-the-bat we use Elementor Pro to build WordPress websites. For SEO optimization we rely on various resources such as SEMRush and Yoast SEO to give us a better understanding of which strategy will best benefit your business. 

Our heart is in it. We go the extra mile to make sure that once we deliver what you contacted us for your expectations will have been eclipsed. We don’t charge you for every question you may have like many agencies do. Not because money does not motivate us, but because we understand the value that lies in having a customer-first and long-term mentality.